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These are a few of my favorite things

April 17, 2008

In the spirit of trying to integrate new technology and content into the newsroom, I thought I’d provide links to a few of my favorite online news sources.

The Seattle Times: This is probably the first site I navigate to when it comes to Northwest news. I love the Web site — it’s one of the best on the Net by any newspaper, in my opinion. Geoff Baker’s Mariners blog is probably my favorite Web-exclusive portion of the site, but that could just be my extreme bias toward the Mariners talking.

Sports Guy’s World: Speaking of sports-related blogs, here’s my favorite on the Web, hands down. Say what you will about Bill Simmons being a Boston homer, but he’s easily one of the best sports analysts in the business. I’ve yet to encounter someone who can cover such a broad range of national material from his house in L.A. Pretty awesome.

His “B.S. Report” podcast that was added last year only made things better.

Oh, and he’s friggin’ hilarious.

MSNBC 2008 Presidential Candidates Matrix: This is one of the coolest online features I’ve ever seen. Basically, MSNBC provides this matrix of each political candidate and where they stand on particular issues (the War in Iraq, the economy, etc.). You can rate the candidates stances based on how much you agree or disagree with them weekly (or less often, if you like) which is awesome because it keeps you up to date with the campaigns (does anyone realize Ron Paul is still running) and helps you figure out which candidate you agree with the most. If only my newspaper’s site had this kind of tech….

The News Tribune (Tacoma, Wash.): Besides being an awesome paper (with an AWESOME sports section) the Trib has this neat little feature on their site where all the day’s top story updates are posted at the top of the Web page. It’s a really simple feature, but I like it a lot and it helps to follow what’s going on.

That’s just a small smattering; I try to make my way around the Web often, without making my way around too often, if you know what I mean, so I’ll update my links periodically.

Anyway, happy surfing to everyone. Hopefully I’ll have some stuff to share about my own paper’s site sometime in the future.

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