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Friday links

May 2, 2008

What better way to ease into the weekend than with a fresh batch of Internet-based distractions?

CNN/LA Times Homicide Blog: Thanks to CNN for this story about the LA Times’ Jill Leovy’s homicide blog, which went from being a kind of morbid drive-by tally to what looks like a damned impressive example of online journalism.

ESPN Ultimate Fan Rankings: The results of an poll show which pro sports teams are the most popular. My Seahawks landed in the top 20, but the Mariners and Sonics have some work to do. To be fair, though, anything the Sonics do to endear themselves to Seattle fans is pretty much a moot point now.

MSNBC Weekly news quiz: This is probably only news to me, but MSNBC has a weekly quiz on their site to test one’s news, sports, business and other knowledge of national and worldly events. It’s a great way to stay smart and keep up on the big stories. The site also has links to each story mentioned. Great feature.

SI baseball stadium rankings: Sports Illustated online readers helped rank the best ballparks in the country (and Canada, in the case of the Jays) and I’m happy to say Seattle fared much better in this poll. That tends to happen, though, when you have a stadium with a retractable roof that went $100 million over budget. Also interesting: the Mariners/Safeco Field were ranked 5 out of 30 for food and 16 out of 30 for affordability. Anyone who’s been to Safeco Field knows this is absolutely crazy. Not the food part, the affordability part. Those two rankings should be at least 20 spots apart with affordability toward the 30 end. $8 for a Red Hook? I guess flasks were invented for a reason.

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