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Just FYI, we’re up here trying to SAVE OUR SONICS

June 13, 2008

Congrats to former Sonic Ray Allen, who, along with his Boston counterparts, destroyed the L.A. Lakers last night to capture his first and the team’s 17th NBA title.

In the meantime, the city of Seattle’s fight to keep carpetbagging Sonics owner Clay Bennett from moving the team to Oklahoma City continues to go almost completely unnoticed by the rest of the league and the country.

I haven’t been a Sonics fan since the second-to-last ownership group sent George Karl and Shawn Kemp packing, but I have serious concerns about what the outcome of this trial and the NBA’s apparent apathy toward the whole situation could mean for pro sports teams everywhere. The Seattle Times has been doing what it can to blog the trial, despite the judge’s decision to bar any and all recording equipment from the courtroom.

I really can’t believe the lack of coverage this is getting. It’s like if the Washington Post were the only paper to have covered the Valerie Plame trial.

Just a short post. You know, in case anyone cares.

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