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Questions on Digg ethics and practices

July 24, 2008

Before I get into my Digg queries, let me just thank everyone who commented on my last blog, which turned out to be my most popular ever (eight comments!). In the time since I posted the blog and started implementing changes, peak-day traffic has been up on the sites I manage, though I can’t definitively say the two are related. Whatever the case, things are looking up.

OK, so…Digg.

I’m a little puzzled over how best to use Digg and/or sites like it and also what the ethical guidelines of doing so are.

I posted my first Digg story about a week ago and, as I expected, I got buried in about five minutes. The story I posted got all of three Diggs, one of which was my own. I’ve been a little reticent to return to Digg ever since because I want to do a little more research.

Specifically, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help explain:

(1) Is there any sort of Digg code of ethics? I remember reading a blog post on Digg ethics a few weeks before I posted, but I couldn’t locate it again. (Or remember what it said.) I’m just wondering if it’s ethically shaky to be Digging stories purely for hits to a site that I’m employed by. (I think the blog was more about journalists Digging their own material, but my situation seems similar at the very least.)

(2) If there’s nothing unethical about my Digging practices, I want to know if there are there any “tricks” to getting a lot of Diggs? I was kind of in SEO headline-writing mode when I Dugg my first story, but maybe those rules don’t apply on Digg.

Any tips are appreciated.

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