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Mariners: Plenty to rebuild off the field

November 18, 2008
Perhaps part of the rebuild should be: “Don’t let 23-year-old jackasses cut off little kids to run around the bases at FanFest.” Tickets for FanFest ’09 on sale Dec. 8:

Don Wakamatsu is the new manager of the Mariners, The Seattle Times reports. And the rebuild continues.

The team completely fell apart in ’08 and the front office is going with the “whole new era” strategy. As long as that’s the case on the field, why not overhaul some of the aspects off of it that jumped the shark long ago:

The team needs a new theme song. You know, the one that plays before the starting lineups? Our current song is some kind of drum, bell and trumpet arrangement that sounds like it was lifted from an early-90’s RV commercial. We need something exciting. I liked it when we used the “Pirates of the Carribean” theme for a while — maybe we can adopt that permanently, or at least create a ripoff.

Prices need to at least be frozen. I’m giving serious consideration to paying for an Opening Day ticket (it’s a personal tradition) and then hitting the bars for the rest of the season. The fact is, the real fans have been outpriced. I attended a game against the Angels last season — pretty packed house at the Safe — and had to listen to about 20 Angels fans, who seated together, light up the third deck. Did any M’s fan care? Not a bit.

“Sodo Mojo” — for the love of God — must be dropped as our slogan. I think the team started using it when “Austin Powers” was still popular and everyone thought the word “mojo” was hilarious. It’s not. And it’s a horribly subdued slogan for a professional sports club. Someone come up with the sequel to “Refuse to Lose” already.

Give The Moose his ATV back. Coco Crisp is fine and we need to all stop freaking out when someone gets hurt. Come to think of it, the ATV disappeared, then the M’s went into a tailspin in September ’07 that still hasn’t ended. Hmm….

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  1. November 21, 2008 1:20 am

    Yes, yes, yes and yes. I couldn’t agree more. Especially the Sodo Mojo and all of it’s variations needs to go.

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