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Web ‘visibility’

January 27, 2009

Everyone runs into those stretches of life where, for whatever reason — work, life, etc. — the weird second life that exists on the Web just doesn’t get tended to like usual.

Such has been the case with me. I recently got engaged and have been dedicating a lot of time to everything that goes along with it — cake tasting, getting photos taking, building a Web site….

I’ve done my best to keep active elsewhere on the Web, though, which is a lesson I learned from Kris Krug:

Last Week The Vancouver Sun and NowPublic posted a list of the ‘Top 20 Web Visible’ people in Vancouver. I was number 4 on the list. […] Some people who seem frustrated to have placed below me on the list have questioned my position considering I haven’t posted on this blog since August. True guys. I haven’t. But the list wasn’t called ‘Highest Traffic Blogs’ it was called ‘Most Web Visible’.

He goes on to list the places he frequents on the Web besides his blog.

Point being: I may have been missing from here for a while, but I haven’t been hard to find.

Journalists who are “too busy” to blog, Flickr — whatever — take note.

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