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Different content for different mediums

March 31, 2009
This guys having a good time.

This guy's having a good time.

We all know there are journalists who just don’t like the idea of new media. Likewise, there are news consumers who just prefer to read their news in print. And as Steve Yelvington has so adequately explained, the print medium isn’t dead (the bloated conglomerates who tried to cash in on it and lost are).

The general train of thought in journalism right now is that journalists have to be everything (reporters, photographters, videographers, Twitterers…), but journalism (and business at large) is also about finding a niche and exploiting it. So, lovers of print unite. Enough of trying to unite newsrooms that are fundamentally at odds. Enough of trying to turn a print story into a Web story and vice versa. Someone out there has, or will have, a nice little helping of cash to buy an old press and get things started. They won’t be able to pay a large staff or print on a daily basis, but for those who get all sentimental about the smell of ink and the feel of news print, it’ll be worth it. For those who prefer to go nuts everyday, trying to make deadline, the Internet is around for the foreseeable future.

I have no clue how this will work or whether or not it’s finanically viable, but give it a few years. Ten years ago, everyone was over Transformers and Mario Lopez. These days? A Transformers/Lopez team up could kick start the economy. (OK, that was an exaggeration.)

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