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President Obama’s All-Star pitch

July 15, 2009

Note: This has nothing to do with journalism.

A few observations about President Obama’s first pitch at last night’s MLB All-Star Game:

  • Kudos to the president for rocking a White Sox jacket. I can’t stand it when politicians pretend to like every team or wear the home team colors, just to try for a cheap pop.
  • Not that I’m the fashion police or anything, but I was as baffled as Kempt with regard to the president’s fashion choices. “Dad pants” and those awful-looking Reeboks? From arguably the most fashionable president in the last 50 years? [Update: The First Lady is the only fashionable one in the White House and the jeans are just “comfortable.” Oh, and apparently they’re “mom jeans.”]
  • I couldn’t help but recall President Bartlett and Charlie Young playing catch in an East Wing hallway during “The West Wing” Season 5 finale, “Memorial Day.” It was a hilarious scene in what was otherwise an overall disappointing season for the show. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll have to go pick up the DVD because I can’t find the scene anywhere online.
  • Last but not least: Watch the video. Notice how the president shakes hands with not just Stan Musial, but also the guy driving the cart. That’s class.
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