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(Seemingly awesome) iPhone apps I own and haven’t really tried

July 25, 2009

I’m spilling onto six pages of iPhone apps—I know, that’s probably light, as far as tech nerds go—and yet a lot of them, I have yet to really dedicate time to. Here are some of the ones I’ve been meaning to exploit to their full potential:

12seconds – I’m still pondering how this might be used effectively (the whole concept, not just the app). The idea is that you’ve got 12 seconds of video to do whatever you want with. I’m a little vexed—Web video should, I believe, be relatively short, but this almost seems too short. I get that it’s a sort of video Twitter, but I haven’t been much more than sort of entertained by it.

Remote – You can apparently control your iTunes library (the one on your laptop/desktop) remotely with this little guy.

CBS EyeMobile – Barely touched this one since downloading. It’s 100 percent social/citizen journalism, which I find intriguing. You can upload your own stories and follow people, like Twitter.

Boxee – This app is useless to me right now because I still haven’t downloaded Boxee on my desktop (it’s an ’06 MiniMac and has virtually no memory left). Anyway, it works as a remote once you’ve installed Boxee.

AudioBoo – If 12 seconds is the video Twitter, AudioBoo is the audio Twitter. This I find a little more potential in—you’re not limited in how long your recording is (though savvy folks will know not to drag on and on), so the benefits of posting updates are a little clearer. If I were a reporter trying to get word out about breaking news, it’s a hell of a lot easier to speak into my phone, than to type with thumbs (and Twitter integration is seamless).

Bump – I’m hoping Gnomedex 9.0 will be a good testing ground for this. The gist is simple: Bump pulls whatever information from your phone you want it to (phone number, Web site, address, etc.) and transfers the information to another Bump user when the two of you—you guessed it—bump your phones together. Neat idea and a hell of a lot easier than hassling with business cards.

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