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If journalism were ‘Lost’…

October 31, 2009

Lost logo

"Lost" and the current state of journalism: More in common than you'd think.

Note: Don’t read this unless you’ve watched through Season 5.

Here are some of the roles that would be filled:

The Print Business Model = The Airplane: Things seemed to be going fine until all of a sudden, it plunged out of the sky and smashed into the ground.

Our Current Predicament = The Island: No one really knows what this place is or what’s going on, but we know we want off of it.

A Profitable Business Model = Civilization: We’re really not sure how to get there and every attempt to do so just leads us back to the island.

The Recession/Newspaper Debt Crisis = The Smoke Monster: Occasionally pops out of the jungle and eats someone.

Social Media Networks = The Dharma Stations: Once we found one of these things, they started popping up all over the place. Now we don’t know how we’d live without them.

Twitter = The Numbers: Type in X amount of characters several times a day, or suffer the consequences.

Old Media = Jack: Best plan to save us involves going back to 1977 and “fixing” things (re: blowing up the island).

Curmudgeonly Old Editor = Ben: Convinced he’s doing the right thing, no matter how wrong it actually is.

Newsroom of Said Curmudgeonly Old Editor = The Polar Bear Cages: You’re not leaving unless you escape or somehow convince Ben to let you out (good luck).

Multimedia-savvy reporter = Daniel Faraday: Has a few good ideas about how to make it off the island, but is still just as likely to get killed as anyone else.

Neighborhood Bloggers = Rose and Bernard: These people get along with most everyone because they seem to be the only ones who doesn’t have “too much stuff going on” to pay attention to the less prominent people on the island. They’re fine with just staying there.

Some News Organizations = Charlie: Fought heroically, but ultimately died.

Some Other News Organizations = Nikki and Paulo: Got too wrapped up in small issues that didn’t apply to the larger predicament and died like morons. = Jack’s dad, Locke’s dad, Locke, Eko and all the other ghost people: They “died,” but they’re not really dead.

Columbia Journalism Review’s “Reconstruction of American Journalism” Report = Sawyer & Crew Traveling Uncontrollably Through Time: So much information in such a short span that my nose is bleeding and I think I might die.

Successful Web operations (HuffPo, TPM, etc.) = The Oceanic Six: They made it off the island. Not sure how long they’ll manage to stay off the island, but they made it.

The Future of Journalism = The End of “Lost”: Everyone has a theory about what’ll happen and they’re probably all wrong.

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  1. February 8, 2010 8:08 pm

    I¡¯m very much enjoying your posts. I plan on writing about it somewhat on my own blog, but I also have to keep a focus on my own writing¡­ but you can count on me following you through the season

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