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What’s worse: A crappy post or no post at all?

November 10, 2009

Mónica Guzmán’s recent Ignite Seattle presentation on Web/social/mobile addiction and breaking the habit provided some excellent fodder for what I’ve been going through:

This is the solution: You just say eff the access, eff the opportunities, eff what you’re missing, eff the obligations—this is your life. … The best mindset to keep in mind with the stream is that you own tech; it does not own you.

And so goes this blog as of late. I know there’s a ton of material on the Web. I know there’s scores of ideas and opportunities on Twitter. I know I should be able to come up with something at least halfway engaging. You know what, though? Lately I just haven’t been inspired and the choice seems to be post something crappy or post nothing at all. I’ll take the latter. I don’t want to post something I’m not invested in and I don’t want to turn this blog into my short, one-off musings on other people’s posts (nothing wrong with that, per se, I just don’t want to do it here).

I’m curious, though: What’s your strategy? I know there are those out there who are hyper-SEO and community focused who wouldn’t miss a day’s or an hour’s worth of posting if it killed them. Other people—most people I follow—are a lot more lax. What do you do? Do you schedule posts? Schedule “breaks”? Fall off the map without warning and come back when you’ve got something? And what effects do these options have on your community?

Just curious.

I can feel a new wave of posts coming on, by the way. I think I’m back.

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