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My wife’s right about my social media bubble

December 3, 2009
Me and Nikki

Left: Wrong; Right: Right

For a while now, my wife‘s been bugging me about my social media habits. “The only people you talk to are journalists,” she tells me. “Yeah,” I say, “well I’m a journalist; who else would I talk to?”

The thing is—and as a just-married husband, I know I should probably get used to saying this—she’s right. Not that my interactions with other journalists haven’t been extremely valuable, but as proponents of print journalism have pointed out, the flip side of social media (via the customization that it offers) is that it’s very easy to put oneself inside a bubble. I myself have questioned the collective savvy of the news industry…and yet I’ve wrapped myself in a network of journalists. That’s not to say the people I follow are untalented—quite the opposite, actually—it’s just to acknowledge a smidgen of my own hypocrisy and to point out that a good idea by a soda company, for instance, could be altered to work for a news organization.

To rectify this, I’m on a mission to diversify my social network. I’m not just logging into Twitter and haphazardly clicking “Follow,” but I am latching onto people who may not be journalists, but nevertheless share similar goals and interests with me:

  • Brand promotion (personally and for established brands)
  • Good blogging practices
  • Better community engagement
  • SEO
  • Web and graphic design

This doesn’t signify a departure from journalism-focused content for me. I’ve just considered that some of my recent creative stutters may have had something to do with me not following my own rule (replace “Internet” with “journalism”).

If you have any suggestions please share them—and don’t be shy about suggesting yourself.

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