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Link roundup: What Facebook’s Open Graph means for users

April 23, 2010

Facebook logo

A few people have asked me about the recent changes to Facebook and while other people have done link roundups, I thought I’d do my own because, well, I’ve been doing a lot of reading and curating:

What you should know about Facebook’s changes (CNN)

Who it’s for: Everyone.

Clarity Level: As pristine as it gets.

What it says: It focuses on the changes, one by one, and discusses what each one means. Quick read, too.

Facebook Open Graph—Bring your audience to you (Conversation Marketing)

Who it’s for: People with websites.

Clarity level: Crystal.

What it says: Does much of what the CNN story does in the way of explaining things, but also ruminates (a little) on the privacy aspects of Open Graph.

Do news organizations have a duty of care to readers on Facebook? (Pebbledash)

Who it’s for: Journalists and web designers

Clarity level: Requires some familiarity with Facebook.

What it says: Basically a rhetorical debate on the ethical implications of Facebook’s changes.

Is Facebook trying to revolutionize the Web for the good of Facebook? (Lost Remote)

Who it’s for: Everyone.

Clarity level: Not quite LOST-y.

What it says: It’s a pretty dense read with a lot of links (hence my LOST reference), but asks: “Is Facebook trying to revolutionize the Web for the good of its users OR Is Facebook trying to revolutionize the Web for the good of Facebook?”

What I want instead of Facebook’s Open Graph (Seth Long)

Who it’s for: People with websites; privacy advocates.

Clarity level: Minor tech references, so beware if that frazzles you.

What it says: What would be better than Open Graph would be to let visitors connect to a site and share information using whatever social network they want (because not everyone’s on Facebook).

Bizarro identity (BuzzMachine)

Who it’s for: Social media nerds.

Clarity level: Requires a general understanding of social networks and sharing.

What it says: Ideally, social networks would come to us and we’d give each of them whatever information we wanted.

Graphing the new face of Facebook’s improved API (ars technica)

Who it’s for: Developers.

Clarity level: 001010 1100 10 1100

What it says: Hey, things have been simplified for developers, too!

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