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Running my blog the way I’d run a newsroom

June 10, 2010
Newsroom panorama

Source: victoriapeckham's Flickr page.

I’m embarking on a change in format for this blog today and it may ultimately come off as too ambitious. Basically, I have ideas about how a newsroom ought to run with regard to getting content posted online. Here’s the gist:

  • Some nugget of information (link/photo/etc.) is found.
  • That nugget, along with a little bit of copy and a “check back for an update later” message is posted to the site.
  • The story gets updated and evolves throughout the day.
  • It keeps getting updated for days/weeks/however-long-it-takes till it reaches its logical conclusion.
  • (Optional step: On “deadline day,” however much of the story exists is copy/pasted into print.)

The reason for this switch is twofold: (1) to lead by example/put my money where my mouth is and (2) to hopefully end up producing more quality content, more often.

I say this could wind up too ambitious because if I post three “nuggets” one day and try to update all of them…well that’s just beyond what I’m probably capable of (time-wise). Besides that, my current design isn’t optimized for a situation where multiple stories would be highlighted (fortunately I’m working on a redesign anyway, so maybe that’ll be included).

Stay tuned….

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