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CNN Share could be cool; CNN Wires less cool, but whatever

June 21, 2010

CNN will no longer use Associated Press content as part of the network’s news coverage, according a memo obtained by Yahoo! News. […]

The network will expand CNN Wires, first announced in late 2008 and an early indicator of a shift away from the AP.


Good for CNN. To be fair, this is a bit of a one-step-forward-half-a-step-back situation, since CNN is “entering into an agreement with Reuters for supplemental breaking news coverage and will also use in-house Spanish-language wire service EFE.” But still, CNN breaking away from the AP—that’s not an insignificant shift in the way journalism is delivered.

CNN Share sounds like it could be a really cool thing, if in fact it becomes a true aggregate (side note: I think it would have been better if they would’ve called it a curator). If it just turns into a way for people to aggregate their favorite CNN or CNN partner news, though, who really cares?

CNN Wires excites me less. I’m on board with the business proposition of creating a cheaper alternative to the AP, but from a content creation/curation standpoint, I find it useless. AP has been messing up the internet for years by letting newsbrands scatter its less-relevant-than-the-original content to every corner of the web and the last thing we need is for CNN to be doing it, too.

If it were up to me, I’d roll Share and Wires into the same product and then offer a premium package for publishers who wanted to syndicate shared content in print (like a paid version of Publish 2’s News Exchange).

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, kudos to CNN for being willing to make a move like this.

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