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Welcome to my Tumblog—here’s what’s in it for you

June 25, 2010
Screen grab of my Tumblog

If you don't already have your own Tumblog, I highly recommend it.

A long, long time ago—we’re talking internet years here, so it’s really just sometime in the last six months—I started playing around with Tumblr. It interested me because WordPress always struck (strikes) me as more of a long-form blogging platform. I’m a busy guy and some days, I don’t have time to sit down for an hour or longer to craft something that’s truly of value.

However, I do spend all day on the internet, where I find cool, funny, inspiring and useful things (amid doing my job). Tumblr was the perfect platform to share these little tidbits on. Twitter is OK for that, too, but honestly, sometimes you just want to share a photo without any commentary but you don’t want to throw up a cryptic, spammy-looking link.

So along came Tumblr and along came Source (named thusly because in the past, any time I’ve posted a photo, quote or whatever without commentary, I’ve always just linked the text source inside two brackets).

I’ve been building up the blog for several months now and this is its official roll-out party: Please direct yourselves to

Here’s why I think the blog will be valuable to you

Source consists of the absolute best things that inform my thinking on journalism and its future. Most of what you see on the blog you’re at now spins out of things found or ideas generated from the things I post at Source. So if you’re trying to learn about new media journalism or if you’re in relative agreement with what I think of the industry, Source is a veritable treasure trove of knowledge.

There are two (2) components of the site

  1. The aforementioned journalistically-relevant snippets from around the internet (also, posts from this site are linked to there);
  2. “Stuff I Like”—snippets from other Tumblogs that may or may not have to do with journalism—it’s just stuff I like.

Why not just do this on my WordPress blog?

I refer you to Newsweek’s Tumblog, which I love and which I highly recommend you start following right away:

Why do we Tumbl? In the end, we use Tumblr not because it’s a great way to connect with our readers (though it is that), or because we believe this or something like it is a part of a new way forward for interaction between publishers and audience (though we think that too). We use Tumblr because it’s fun and while, you know, you can’t eat fun, or trade it in for fistfulls of dollars to fund serious journalism, we believe there’s a value in doing things we like simply because we like to do them, and that hopefully our fellow Tumblrs will too.

In conclusion

I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

Quick side note: I have no affiliation with Tumblr whatsoever (nor am I affiliated with the FTC, which can go to hell), but I’d like to emphasize Newsweek’s quote. Tumblr is an absolutely phenomenal blogging platform—so phenomenal, in fact, that for a time I considered switching this blog over to it. If you haven’t tried it out and you enjoy sharing internet tidbits in an elegant (and fully customizable) way, I give it my highest stamp of approval and encourage you to check it out.

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