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Blogs I’m following in preparation for Gnomedex 10 (re: yours)

June 28, 2010
Gnomedex 10 wallpaper

It's just not a tech conference without a quirky robot mascot.

I don’t normally have that much warning when I head to a conference—I’m not one of those tech conference junkies who jumps all over the country. I just see something I like, usually a week or two before hand, buy tickets and go. Gnomedex is the one exception and since I just got my tickets on Friday, I’m heading into this year’s prepared.

In years past I’ve just shown up and taken everything in. This year, I’ve picked out a few presenters who I’m most interested in and I’m following their blogs (I’ll update this as/if I add more):

You can check out their bios on Gnomedex’s speakers page, or just visit their blogs.

This is, of course, no offense to the other presenters. Some of them I just couldn’t find blogs for, others didn’t exactly cater to my tastes, but the great thing about Gnomedex is that every year I’ve gone (this’ll be my third), I’ve been surprised by something that I didn’t think I’d be interested in.

Of course, one of the coolest parts about Gnomedex is running into people in the hallways and at the after-parties and having nerd-talk. Here’s a list of attendees whose blogs I’m following (again, I’ll update as/if I add more):

Don’t be shy—if you’re going, feel free to drop a comment with a link back to your blog or @ me on Twitter and I’ll check it out.

See you there.

[UPDATE: If you go to the Gnomedex Eventbrite page and scroll down to the Attendee List, you can get RSS feeds of everyone attending.]

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