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Unless Verizon’s iPhone comes with a cheaper, better data plan, I’m staying put | Daily Links

June 29, 2010

Freehold InJersey is setting up a permanent office space inside a town coffee shop where people can talk with reporters or post their own news to the site. It seems like the next logical step for the “office hours” set-up and really, if you’re publishing online, what do you need an office for anyway? (via @JJTweets)

The long-rumored Verizon iPhone now has a (rumored) release date: January 2011. I’m probably among the minority saying this, but AT&T’s service has been good enough to win my loyalty. Besides that, I’ve got a grandfathered unlimited data plan and until I hear that Verizon can offer something better (or confirm that this is even real) I’m staying put. (via @komonewsradio)

Should your company’s Twitter account #follaback all its followers? Answers will vary based on what you’re trying to do, but it’s a question worth asking. (Note: From the latest blog I’ve added to my Google Reader.)

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