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WikiLeaks: Watch out for MSM ‘anti-non-journalist’ bias

July 26, 2010

Something I think is worth watching out for with regard to the WikiLeaks Afghanistan War document leak: Anti-non-journalist bias from mainstream media outlets.

First, let me be clear on what I mean by “anti-non-journalist”: I’m basically talking about the same sort of you’re-not-one-of-us attitude that some mainstream, old-school journalists are wont to take when a non-traditional news organization breaks a big story.

Second, let me assert that I can’t, as of now, cite any specific report or news organization that I feel is guilty of this. If I find anything that worthy of comment, maybe I’ll post it here, or maybe you can help me out by leaving a comment.

This is an important thing to watch out for (and will continue to be as more and more non-traditional news outlets break legitimate news that the mainstream piggybacks on) because the bias/narrative gives mainstream journalism what it so desperately wants once again: power and relevance (moreover: from MSM’s perspective, these two ends are accomplished from a politically non-partisan perspective). In other words: a story breaks, it percolates through the web, but it’s not really fact till the mainstream press has had a look at it and weighed in.

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