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Why Sound Publishing has been so great to me for 2 years

September 1, 2010

Sound Publishing banner

For those of you who haven’t heard, today is my last day with Sound Publishing. I’ve taken a job with KIRO TV as one of their web producers (and, FYI, we’ve chosen someone to replace me, though I can’t say who it is just yet). In a nutshell, I’ll be helping them adapt their TV news for the web (as well as some other things). It’s an amicable split for myself and Sound and I leave with nothing but deep gratitude and respect for everyone I’ve worked with these last couple years.

I’ve had a unique perspective on this company for the past two years and I wanted to take a few paragraphs to share it because we’re still relatively small and I think more people should know about us.
These last two years have been tough for us, like they have for the entire news industry. However, it’s been a tough two years for any industry and while many companies have just been trying to survive, Sound has taken the opportunity to re-identify itself. When I started with the company in December 2007, few of our sites were updating more often than once per week. Things just didn’t work that way—you’d produce a print edition and then copy/paste it to the web. And let it sit there. We’ve learned and gotten better, though, and we’re on the cusp of being a legitimate 24/7 community news network. We’ve embraced social media. We’ve reached across to other news organizations and formed partnerships. That’s amazing.
We’ve managed to do all this for two reasons: (1) We have a bunch of extremely hard-working people and (2) Sound Publishing hasn’t shied away from letting its employees experiment and grow.
I put particular emphasis on that second point because it’s not an easy quality to find in a newspaper/media company. Sound has given me what amounts to a post-grad degree worth of knowledge—some of which was formal training, some of which was osmosis and some of which was just the fact that no one ever said “you can’t do that.” If you ever have the opportunity to apply for a job at Sound, take that into consideration and let it weigh on your decision.
Everything you see on this blog, on my Twitter feed or anywhere else I exist on the web has been a product of what I’ve learned here at Sound. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work and learn here.
I’ll keep you posted on my future endeavors, as always, and in the meantime, keep an eye on Sound Publishing and the network…they should have some interesting things happening in the next few years.
This post was adapted/modified and cross-posted from one of Sound’s internal blogs.
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